Month: September 2017

Using our Other Brain

Our brain is the central nervous system of our body. It contains over a billion neurons that dictate our bodies how to move, where to go and what to say. We use our brain every day because without it, we wouldn’t be able to function.

What people do not know is that every day, we use another brain, a brain that we use at home, in the office and a brain that never leaves our side. Cellular phones, desktop computers, tablet and all of our every day gadgets have brains and these are called printed circuit boards.

Printed circuit boards are thin boards usually made of fiberglass or any laminate material –

This is often used as the main conductor of electricity inside desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. These circuits are held in place by copper tracks instead of wires making these printed circuit boards easier to place in different gadgets. These boards can go as complicated as they will depend on the gadget it will be used for. The more complicated, the more intricate these circuit boards are.

Why is it important to know what PCBs are? Every day, electronic technicians produce these boards for different electronics manufacturing companies. They design, they print, they solder and they test it out. Without these boards, we will be unable to use our mobile phones, laptops and tablets and other electronic device, as they will cease to exist. They all might look the same to the eye but within these circuits are wires that go through so many others.  They are designed for a specific gadget and which makes them very specific and uniquely designed. For more designs visit : pcbnet.


Like the human brain, printed circuit boards functions as the central nervous system of an electronic device:

The electricity, just like neurons, flow through the nerves of the board through the copper wires as this is what connects all specific functions. Because it is the center of all devices, the printed circuit board is well kept and protected from the external shell of the specific device.

Using our brain every day is what makes us human beings and the technology that we use every minute of everyday are able to function because of the extensive work electronic technicians put in creating these boards. Often times we neglect our devices and we take them for granted especially when one is capable of buying a lot of these gadgets. People often tend to forget that these devices; which are essential to our every day lives have been made by human beings with brains. The relationship of human and technology is seen as a symbiotic relationship; one cannot live with the other.


Knowing what our device is made of and how much intricacy is being put unto it is what one should remember the next time a person uses his or her gadgets. Let us all remember that they are just like humans, functioning, relaying messages, making humans lives easier and more convenient. Printed circuit boards are the main reason why these technologies exist.

They differ in size, color and wiring but they all serve the same purpose and that is to function as the devices brain. As humans we use our brain to learn, to act and to think critically and in this technological world, we also get to use our other brain, our other brain that can act for us and inform us. It only takes a millisecond to search something on the web and it only takes a second to put out information. And most of the time, we use our other brain if we want some things done much faster.

Elements of Funeral Services

Funeral Services There are a lot of things to consider when arranging for funeral services for a departed loved one. All the elements of the funeral should contribute to the solemnity and peacefulness of the occasion. While the occasion is one of mourning and sadness, the atmosphere does not necessarily have to be drab and somber. The guests who will visit to pay their respect to the deceased should feel welcome. The atmosphere should also be one that allows them to remember good memories about the deceased.

Modern funeral homes are flexible enough to accommodate the wishes of the deceased’s family.

Some religious beliefs require special set ups as in the case of the Chinese. There are also some common color motifs that are requested by the family depending on their religious background, nationality, tradition, and even the deceased’s preferences. It’s not only black that is used as a color motif for funerals these days.

Ample seating and perhaps tables for those serving food and refreshments are also required as part of the funeral set up. The guests should be made comfortable as they share in the family’s mourning. A small table to serve as an altar is also often available for use during religious rites and ceremonies held at certain times.

There are also candle holders placed by the casket. Flowers are also common fixtures in funerals. There are arrangements that are placed on top of the casket and on the floor around it. It is also common for relatives, friends, employers, and organizations among others to send flower arrangements for the funeral with their messages of condolences.

To remember the life of the deceased, family members may set up a table with the pictures of the departed. Photo collages from friends and family could also be displayed on the table or on the walls. Some are creative enough to make short videos that show how the deceased lived his life. A projector may be set up in one area of the viewing chapel so the guests can watch the videos.

Another way of remembering the deceased is by setting up a place in the viewing venue where his favorite things can be displayed. This may include his school yearbooks, his favorite trinkets and souvenirs, his sports jersey and equipment, his collections, and other things he held dear. These items will evoke fond memories of the deceased as visitors attend his wake.

Music is another important element.

Funeral Services

Usually, religious hymns are played. There are also common tracks from pop music that are often played in funerals. The family could also opt to use the deceased’s playlist during his funeral. There are cases when a family member or a friend may offer to play an instrument during the wake. Those with more budget to spend can hire a string quartet to play or a choir to sing during the funeral services. A choir can also be hired to sing in the religious rites held during the wake.

Food and refreshments are also part of the funeral arrangements. This, however, is not usually part of the funeral services packages. It is often the family members who arrange for these provisions. Some guests also bring food to serve to other guests in the funeral. Again, those without budgetary constraints can go all out and hire catering services to provide food and refreshments to the guests during meal times or round-the-clock for the entire duration of the wake.

The funeral programme and schedule are also important elements of funeral services. Those who wish to offer messages or deliver eulogies for the departed should be informed beforehand. Ministers, priests, or pastors should also be contacted to lead the religious rites. Arrangements will also have to be made for pallbearers and hearse service during the final funeral rites.