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A General Guide for Beginners about Golf Iron Sets

Golf is one of the most played and most prestigious sports around the world. As a beginner, it is quite hard to remember all the rules, much less, know your way in choosing the proper golf iron sets. If you are not careful, you may end up with a set that does not suit your playing style.

Different Classes of Iron Sets

Irons can be classified according to length of shaft. As the number increases, the shaft length gets shorter. The numbering in irons is set to determine the loft. The loft is the degree of inclination of the club heads.


Iron Set

Long Irons

These sets are the longest and the lowest loft among the irons. For a beginner, these are more difficult to use. Sometimes, trainers recommend the beginner student to use hybrid irons instead of these long irons. The numbers in these irons are 1 to 4. 5-irons are sometimes included while other golfers regard the five as a mid-iron. These irons are used in the fairway or rough.

Mid Irons

The mid irons range from 5 to 7 numbers. They are used in the fairway and in hitting the ball for a longer approach. Sometimes, they are used in low obstacles such as hills so players can avoid hitting a low rise. These golf iron sets are easier to use due to their higher loft compared to the long irons.

Short irons

The numbers used to denote these irons are 8 and 9. They have the shortest shaft, highest loft and heavier club heads. Though they are the easiest to hit a ball, a player must have high accuracy to use the potential of a short iron.

These are a subclass of irons. They have the highest loft and are used in special cases such as hitting a ball in a sand trap. The kinds of wedges are sand wedge, pitching wedge and lob wedge. Each has different use but the one thing common in these irons is the club head. They have the widest sole to prevent the club from digging into the sand or turf.

Different club heads

They are two types of club heads, the cavity back and the muscled back or the blade irons. The muscled back or blade irons are the traditional way of manufacturing the irons. They are less forgiving, making them hard to use for beginners and mid-level golfers. Due to this, manufacturers develop away to make irons easier for high handicapped and beginners. Thus, the cavity back irons are created. They are perimeter weighted, creating a larger sweet spot and decreasing miss hits.

Different iron types

Iron SetsYou may choose from two different irons type, the forged and cast irons. Each offers different benefits to players. Forged irons are irons made from pounding and shaping the metal to form grooves of the club heads. On the other hand, cast irons are created from liquefied metals to form the club heads. The molten metal is poured into a die cast.

Forged irons are more appropriate for skilled players since these golf iron sets have less forgiveness. The sweet spot is smaller; thus, for a beginner, you will most likely experience many miss hits in these kind of irons. On the other hand, cast irons are the opposite. They have larger sweet spot, which is recommended for beginners.

Golf iron sets are the most used clubs in any golf game. They are used in the fairway, the rough or sand traps. Thus, you must equip your bag with the best irons so you can play properly. Ask advices from your trainer in selecting the right combination.


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