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Tips on Hiring Guest Motivational Speakers in Events

MotivationalBooking motivational speakers as guests for a particular event is not an easy thing to do. It may just be a few phone calls or e-mails away but it still requires planning ahead and diligently contacting them for the event. Of course, the organizers don’t just want to hire speakers ahead of time, they also want to know more about the speakers’ profile, talent and skills to ensure that all listeners will have a quality time listening to them.
Check out these four tips on how to book motivational speakers for events:

•  Book them at the earliest possible schedule.

The ideal period for booking them is at least three to six months before the event. Usually, more popular speakers are hard to book because they already have a lot of schedules on different occasions. By booking them ahead of time, event organizers can quickly know if there are available on the given date or not. This also creates enough time to make the necessary adjustments like booking another speaker.

•  Conduct preliminary research about potential speakers.

Make time to watch video footages of their actual speeches and listen to their podcasts. Furthermore, reading feedback/reviews about a speaker from different sources is necessary. If event organizers can’t find any samples of his actual speech or audio presentation, they may seek the help of the speaker’s agents to provide links to be used for research.

It’s essential to know how credible the speaker is before the date of the event. This is just to make sure that fly-by night ones would not be able to get inside the event. Plus, doing research is also helpful in identifying the style of the speaker in presenting his talk. This is to know if his approach will be fit for the event and for his target audience.

•  Prepare everything.

When booking guest speakers, it’s essential to identify the things that they should know about the theme of the event. As much as possible, don’t forget to set expectations and provide descriptions on what they will do on the event. Mention everything in detail on www.motivational-speaker-success.com.
In contacting them, just make sure to specify number of hours that they should spend for the event. Ask if there is possibility for them to ask questions to the audience after the talk and if they are open for some autograph signing sessions which may include taking pictures.

•  Review the speaker’s contract/agreement before signing.

When booking the top motivational speakers, it is common to see negotiations/discussions about deposits and contracts. Upon booking, these contracts should contain basic details about the event such as the time, date, theme, venue, amount of deposit, and the overall fees for the speaker’s presence. Contracts may also state relevant details on booking the speaker such as his travel fees, hotel accommodations and food expenses. Make sure that what’s stated in the contract is exactly what has been negotiated to avoid conflicts.

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For instance, when the contract requires the organizers to pay $2,000 for the speaker’s board and lodging, clarify everything that’s covered by that fee. This is to avoid paying higher amounts than what’s stated in the contract. Furthermore, some motivational speakers request for other things that they need for the event such as the sounds, lightings and stage size. Don’t hesitate to agree and accommodate the reasonable parts of the contract and refuse the parts that seem unreasonable.

Leave it up to the speaker and his agent if they will agree with the terms and conditions or not. Last but not the least; keep the cancellation policy in mind. Ask what would be the possible situations that may result to the agreement cancellation and what will happen to the deposit.
By keeping all these tips in mind, the event will surely become a rewarding experience not just for the audience, but for all the attendees including the organizers and the speakers.